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Dremel Home Solutions Electric Screwdrive­r


Do power tools and RC mix? If you’ve been keeping up with Dremel’s latest and greatest, the answer is a resounding yes. Their latest model electric screwdrive­r is just the tool that can help you disassembl­e your RC vehicle for your next kit build or repair job.

In the past, it’s been advised not to use powered screwdrive­rs on the delicate screws that you may find on radio-controlled vehicles. There’s good reason for this since most electric screwdrive­rs are geared more for home improvemen­t and general repairs over hobby use. They’re too powerful and can easily strip any small screw. At best these types of drivers were used soley for screw removal, not installati­on. Dremel recognized this and came out with a hobby friendly driver that can be adjusted between six precise power settings.

The screwdrive­r is activated via a power button on its side or turned on by pressing its tip onto the screw that you’re driving. A slider switch allows you to select between drive, reverse and manual modes. Once activated, you do not need to fear stripping

 ?? ?? Text and Images by RCCA Staff
Text and Images by RCCA Staff

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