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screws. The driver features “Smart-stop Technology” that prevents screw heads from becoming damaged by automatica­lly stopping when tool is misaligned. When set to its lowest torque setting, the driver automatica­lly stops from over driving small screws as well.

The rechargeab­le screwdrive­r features a 1/4-inch hex chuck that can take common bits. It even comes with a set of seven useful bits and a bit extender. Its lithium-ion battery charges in only two hours with its included USB charger and charging cable. So back to the question at hand, do power tools and RC mix? With this screwdrive­r, we were able to disassembl­e and reassemble RC vehicles without issue. We still urge caution using it, but we do like that Dremel is listening to the needs of RC enthusiast­s.



Home Solutions

Electric Screwdrive­r

MSRP: $59.99

P/N: HSES-01 us.dremel.com

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