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Shane tells us that he’s been in the hobby for well over 10 years and always wanted to build a semi truck. In the beginning of 2020, after a friend got a semi, he bit the bullet and purchased the Tamiya Grand Hauler kit. Shane goes on to say, “I didn't want to just build a basic kit, I wanted to build the version on the truck I drive. A 2000 Peterbilt 379 Day Cab. So right away I knew I would be in for some work. I cut off the sleeper portion and put in a 3D Printed back wall/window to fill the gap. I also cut out the stock headlights and filled them, since I was going with a different style headlight. I think the most time consuming part of the build was the bodywork. I spent forever filling and sanding it seemed. Building and shortening the chassis was the fun and easy part. It’s cool trying something different.” You really hit it out of the park with your “mini-me” semi Shane, great job!


- Chassis: Tamiya Grand Hauler

- Body: Tamiya Grand Hauler

- Motor: Axial 540 Brushed

- Speed Control: Tamiya MFU

- Battery: Hyperion 2S Lipo 1600mah

- Wheels and Tires: Tamiya Grand Hauler

- Paint: Tamiya Color

- Light System: Tamiya MFU lights, also additional custom soldered lights

- Radio System: Traxxas TQI

- Other Options: Tamiya MFU Sound System, Full fenders from Shapeway.com, Pogo stick from Gear Jammer, Rcmetal Headlights from Garden Trucking, Aluminum Air Breathers, and CB antennas from ebay, Breather lights, Aluminum Grill

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