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Ricky tells us that back in 1990 he built his first real RC, a Tamiya Lunch Box, with his dad. He was immediatel­y hooked into RC and especially RC monster trucks. Ricky goes on to say: “After owning my fair share of RC monster trucks over the years, I saw Primal’s Raminator. I knew I had to get one. I was blessed to secure one in October 2020 and have been building it into this beast since. I had always wanted a large, scale monster and the Raminator surely fits that bill. With the addition of small details, rear steering and having a gas engine, I couldn’t get more scale than this. This truck is truly my go-to in my fleet. In case there are any questions about its size, check out the pics of it next to the Tamiya Lunch Box! Special thanks to my fiancé for her continued support during this build. If you would like to see a full build thread on the truck, please visit Largescale­forums.com, under RC Build Logs, Rickdizzle’s Raminator Build.” The Raminator is truly huge, fantastic job Ricky!


- Chassis: Primal RC Raminator V2 Monster Truck

- Body: Raminator Monster Truck, Dodge Ram

- Engine: 49cc gas engine using a 2-needle carburetor with Bartolone Racing V2 Velocity

stack, Full Force RC high-flow fuel fitting kit, Snappy RC fuel kit

- Fuel: VP Racing 4-cylinder Small Engine Fuel at 94 octane mixed 40:1

with Amsoil Dominator 2-stroke oil.

- Wheels and Tires: Primal Raminator stock wheels and tires. 12”x 7” with 24mm hexes on

the wheels, aluminum enclosed wheel nuts

- Shocks: 8 total Primal Raminator shocks, 4 with springs and 4 acting as dampers.

Drilled pistons with Team -Associated 10-weight shock oil. Utilizes JS Performanc­e aluminum shock mounts, aluminum spring separators, aluminum spring perches and bushings. - Axles: Primal Raminator axles with both the front and rear differenti­als modified for

strength and brass bushings added at the output shafts.

- Paint: Pre-painted Raminator body. Testors spray enamel for the driver and interior

details, applied over Bulldog adhesion promotor

- Graphics: Licensed decals from Primal RC to emulate the real Raminator Monster Truck

and Dodge Ram. Scale “sponsor” decals from Factory Effex.

- Light System: 5 LED mini lights for RII light

- Radio System: Futaba 7PXR wrapped in a Gorilla Guard silicon wrap for the transmitte­r,

Futaba R2006GS 6-channel receiver

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