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The 1100 Smart is a highvoltag­e, brushless servo from Reefs RC that is designed for use in the most demanding crawler applicatio­ns. The 1100 Smart features a machined, all-aluminum case that includes Reefs’ submarine waterproof­ing, making it more than capable of dealing with adverse weather conditions and water obstacles on the trail. The servo operates with input voltages ranging from 4.8V up to 8.4V and can be powered either by a BEC or directly from a dedicated power source.

The 1100 Smart outputs a whopping 1100oz-in of torque @ 8.4V and can reach response speeds of up to 0.12s. Internally, the 1100 Smart features a 4-pole brushless motor, along with a precise magnetic angle sensor. The 1100 Smart includes a preloaded winch controller program and is also fully programmab­le using Reefs’ optional USB link and programmin­g app. The 1100 Smart includes a 25T spline, making it compatible with a wide range of servo horns. The servo features a full-size profile measuring at 1.57in x 0.79in x 1.5in (LWH) and weighs in at a respectabl­e 2.99oz.


The build quality alone on the 1100 Smart is very impressive. The servo feels solid and features high-quality machining throughout. From the machined cuts on the side to the laseretche­d logos all around, along with the clean anodized finish, this is very much a high-quality piece of kit.

As for performanc­e, the 1100 Smart was hooked up to our test 4-wheel steering crawler so we could put it through its paces. I opted to place the 1100 Smart at the rear of the vehicle to provide a bit more staying power on tougher obstacles, and when paired with a 900 Smart at the front it made for an excellent combo. The sheer amount of power from the 1100 Smart, even with the 6V BEC voltage, was impressive to say the least. The rear tires hooked up and stayed on course through the most difficult obstacles.

The 1100 Smart never skipped a beat while turning the sticky crawler tires with soft foam inserts and remained extremely precise the entire time. I must say this is by far one of the best crawler servos I have used to date. If you yourself are looking for your next upgrade servo to install into your own crawler, we’d highly recommend considerin­g the 1100 Smart from Reefs RC.

Reef’s RC 1100 Smart Brushless Servo

Model: REEFS119

MSRP: $189.99 reefsrc.com

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