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MAN­U­FAC­TUR­ERS of­ten give shower cur­tains ethe­real names such as Anas­ta­sia, Sum­mer Mist, and even Cam­bridge. One day, a cus­tomer walked into our home-fur­nish­ings store while I was in­putting an or­der for shower cur­tains. “Ex­cuse me,” he said. “Do you have Sun­day Hours?”

I looked up from my com­puter and said, “Can you tell me what the pat­tern looks like?”

“Let me re­phrase,” he said. “Are you open on Sun­days?”

PETE HOELSCHER, Van­cou­ver, Wash­ing­ton MY UL­TRA­SOUND tech­ni­cian told me about a col­league’s pa­tient.

Her doc­tor had told her she might be hav­ing twins, and the young mother-to-be seemed anx­ious. But at the exam, the tech­ni­cian as­sured her, “You’re not hav­ing twins. There’s only one baby in there.”

The young woman sighed with re­lief. “Oh, thank God,” she said. “I re­ally don’t think I could have stood be­ing preg­nant for 18 months.”

KAREN PEL­HAM O’STEEN, Lau­rel, Mary­land

A FRIEND’S SON worked at a fast­food restau­rant. One night while he was man­ning the drive-through, a cus­tomer told him that the in­ter­com wasn’t work­ing prop­erly. My friend’s son went about fill­ing the or­der while a fe­male co­worker fid­dled with the in­ter­com. She asked, “Is that OK now?”

“Well, no,” the cus­tomer said.

“Now you sound like a girl.”

From gcfl.net

FIVE QUOTES FROM BOSSES that will leave you think­ing, Hey, I can be a boss too!

■ “We’re go­ing to treat this as be­ing re­quired but not manda­tory.” (From an of­fice in Chicago)

■ “Wait, is the In­ter­net on?” (From an of­fice in Bethesda, Mary­land)

■ “We’ll hit that bridge when we come to it.” (From an of­fice in Lon­don)

■ “Don’t send in­for­ma­tion; it just con­fuses me.” (From an of­fice in Columbus, Ohio)

■ “It’s one of those chick­en­be­fore-the-horse things.” (From an of­fice in Seat­tle)

Source: over­heardinthe­of­fice.com

AF­TER PHO­TOGRAPH­ING my client for a few min­utes, I felt com­pelled to stop shoot­ing and say, “I gotta tell ya, that’s a great smile you have.”

Beam­ing, he said, “Thanks. I got it for my birth­day.”

BEV­ERLY GUHL, Austin, Texas SCENE: A sixth-grade class

Teacher: What are the harm­ful en­vi­ron­men­tal ef­fects of oil on fish?

Stu­dent: When my mom opened a can of sar­dines last night, it was full of oil and all the sar­dines were dead.

Source: go­pher­central.com

“We have to move out—i just sold a paint­ing.”

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