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Reader's Digest - - Contents - BY EMILY COX & HENRY RATHVON

The mean­ings of some given names (Rose, Faith, Dawn) are as plain as the nose on your face. And then there are names such as Cameron, which ac­tu­ally comes from the Gaelic for “crooked nose.” We’ve com­piled some of the more in­ter­est­ing names and their deriva­tions here. Can you use your word smarts to guess the mean­ings? Turn the page for answers and et­y­mol­ogy. 1. Sophia—a: sum­mer rain­storm. B: great wis­dom. C: tremen­dous wealth.

2. Felix—a: faith­ful. B: happy. C: cat­like.

3. Dolores—a: lady of sor­rows. B: maiden of mirth. C: weaver of tales.

4. Natalie—a: birth­day. B: first snow­storm of the year. C: princess.

5. Quincy—a: fruit tree. B: the fifth in a se­ries. C: be­long­ing to an an­cient fam­ily.

6. Melanie—a: cir­cu­lar path. B: melo­di­ous. C: dark.

7. Cle­ment—a: war­rior-like. B: stu­dious. C: mild.

8. Philip—a: as hard as a rock. B: lover of horses. C: son of Time. 9. Sylvia—a: ob­sessed with beau­ti­ful things. B: in­hab­it­ing the woods. C: hav­ing clean lines.

10. Bene­dict—a: ruled by earthly pas­sions. B: eman­ci­pated. C: blessed.

11. Phyl­lis—a: but­ter­fly. B: wa­ter­fall. C: fo­liage.

12. Ur­sula—a: lit­tle bear. B: con­stel­la­tion. C: gi­ant oc­to­pus.

13. Vin­cent—a: wine­maker. B: con­queror. C: wan­der­ing min­strel.

14. Vera—a: evening. B: true. C: raven.

15. Chan­dler—a: maker of can­dles. B: shooter of bows. C: rider of wild hogs.

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