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I’m a nurse in a hos­pi­tal’s chil­dren’s ward. One night, I was at the nurses’ sta­tion when I heard a lit­tle boy in his room talk­ing. He kept the pat­ter up for some time. Fi­nally, I got on the in­ter­com and said softly but firmly, “All right, Johnny, it’s time to go to sleep now.”

There was quiet in the room, and then he said, “OK, God, I will.”

I didn’t hear a peep from him un­til morn­ing.

—J.C. via e-mail

I was in a small store in a nearby town one evening. Want­ing to find out when it opened the next morn­ing, I stopped a teenage staffer on her way out and asked, “What are your hours?”

Her re­ply: “Right now, six to nine be­cause I’m in school.

But next month it will be full-time.” —Darlene Query Ed­mon­ton, Al­berta

The process of in­ter­view­ing for a new job is an im­por­tant step. Don’t screw it up like these job can­di­dates did:

✦ In­ter­viewer: What’s your great­est weak­ness? Can­di­date: Women. That’s kind of why I’m

“I have to hang up now. I have an hour to get these re­ports done.”

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