Life-giv­ing Touch

Reader's Digest - - Cover Story - By Ju­liana Labi­anca

OOn March 25, 2010, Kate and David Ogg heard the words ev­ery par­ent dreads: Their new­born wasn’t go­ing to make it. Their twins—a girl and a boy—were born two min­utes apart and 14 weeks pre­ma­ture, weigh­ing just over two pounds each. Doc­tors had tried to save the boy for 20 min­utes but saw no im­prove­ment. His heart­beat was nearly gone, and he’d stopped breath­ing. The baby had just mo­ments to live.

“I saw him gasp, but the doc­tor said it was no use,” Kate told the Daily Mail five years later. “I know it sounds stupid, but if he was still gasp­ing, that was a sign of life. I wasn’t go­ing to give up eas­ily.”

Still, the Syd­ney cou­ple knew this was likely good­bye. In an ef­fort to cher­ish her last min­utes with the tiny boy, Kate asked to hold him.

“I wanted to meet him, and for him to know us,” Kate told To­day. “We’d re­signed our­selves to the fact that we were go­ing to lose him, and we were

just try­ing to make the most of those last, pre­cious mo­ments.”

Kate un­wrapped the boy, whom the cou­ple had al­ready named Jamie, from his hos­pi­tal blan­ket and or­dered David to take his shirt off and join them in bed. The first-time par­ents wanted their son to be as warm as pos­si­ble and hoped the skin-to-skin con­tact would im­prove his con­di­tion. They also talked to him.

“We were try­ing to en­tice him to stay,” Kate told the Daily Mail. “We ex­plained his name and that he had a twin that he had to look out for and how hard we had tried to have him.”

Then some­thing mirac­u­lous hap­pened. Jamie gasped again—and then he started breath­ing. Fi­nally, he reached for his fa­ther’s fin­ger.

The cou­ple’s lost boy had made it. “We’re the luck­i­est peo­ple in the world,” David told To­day.

Eight years later, Jamie and his sis­ter, Emily, are happy and healthy. The Oggs only re­cently told the kids the story of their birth. “Emily burst into tears,” Kate said. “She was re­ally upset, and she kept hug­ging Jamie. This whole ex­pe­ri­ence makes you cher­ish them more.”

Emily (left), Kate, (cen­ter), and Jamie

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