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The Ig No­bel Prize is a tongue-in-cheek award given each year to ac­tual re­search projects that seem—well, silly. The win­ners are pub­lished in a hu­mor­ous pe­ri­od­i­cal, An­nals of Im­prob­a­ble Re­search.

eco­nomics Re­searchers in Canada and the United States, for in­ves­ti­gat­ing whether it is ef­fec­tive for em­ploy­ees to use voodoo dolls to re­tal­i­ate against abu­sive bosses. (Their find­ing: It is!)

bi­ol­ogy Re­searchers in Swe­den, Colom­bia, and Ger­many, for demon­strat­ing that wine ex­perts can re­li­ably iden­tify, by smell, the pres­ence of a sin­gle fly in a glass of wine.

chem­istry Three Por­tuguese re­searchers, for mea­sur­ing the de­gree to which hu­man saliva is a good clean­ing agent for dirty sur­faces.

peace Re­searchers in Spain, for mea­sur­ing the fre­quency, mo­ti­va­tion, and ef­fects of shout­ing and curs­ing while driv­ing an au­to­mo­bile.

nutri­tion A lec­turer at Eng­land’s Univer­sity of Brighton, for cal­cu­lat­ing that the caloric in­take from a hu­man-can­ni­bal­ism diet is sig­nif­i­cantly lower than the caloric in­take from most other tra­di­tional meat di­ets.

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