The In­ter­net Chump Who Be­came a Champ

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An on­line con goes won­der­fully, im­plau­si­bly right.


antacid When St. Louis pharmacist James Howe de­vised a mint-fla­vored cal­cium car­bon­ate pill to quiet a pa­tient’s in­di­ges­tion in the 1920s, he had an ex­tra in­cen­tive—the pa­tient was his wife.


healthy ce­real Most nu­tri­tion­ists say that when it comes to two key fac­tors—more fiber, less sugar—the health­i­est of all 18 Chee­rios va­ri­eties is the orig­i­nal one.


pro­bi­otic There are dozens of strains of pro­bi­otics—aka “good” bac­te­ria. LGG, the one in Cul­turelle, is among the few that can sur­vive stom­ach acid and make its health­pro­mot­ing way into the in­testines.


toothpaste Lit­tle-known fact: Crest will pol­ish up the keys on your pi­ano, too, whether they are made from ivory or plas­tic.


nuts Your heart loves nuts as much as you do! More than 80 per­cent of the fat in peanuts is mo­noun­sat­u­rated and polyun­sat­u­rated, both of which can lower choles­terol and keep your blood ves­sels sup­ple.


nu­tri­tional drink We lose up to 8 per­cent of our mus­cle mass each decade af­ter age 40. Last year, En­sure in­tro­duced its Max Pro­tein shake, with 30 grams of pro­tein, for peo­ple 45 and older.


blood-glu­cose mon­i­tor In 1850, di­a­bet­ics tested their blood sugar by adding a drop of urine to sheep’s wool that had been doused with a chem­i­cal that turned black in the pres­ence of sugar. One­touch me­ters use a drop of blood and re­turn the pre­cise glu­cose level within five sec­onds.


healthy pet food Pu­rina has al­ways been known for its healthy pet food—it’s what Ad­mi­ral Richard E. Byrd fed his sled dogs on his 1933 Antarc­tic ex­pe­di­tion. To­day, Bene­ful, Pu­rina’s preser­va­tive-free line of food, comes in fla­vors such as beef, potato, and green bean.


joint-pain re­lief Aleve was the first over-the-counter med­i­ca­tion to pro­vide 12-hour pain re­lief in a sin­gle dose. It is also avail­able in a con­toured bot­tle with a cush­ioned cap for eas­ier grip­ping.


mul­ti­vi­ta­min Have dif­fi­culty swal­low­ing pills but feel silly chew­ing a gummy? In 2015, Cen­trum in­tro­duced a mul­ti­vi­ta­min in a mint form, called Vi­ta­m­ints. They con­tain 18 vi­ta­mins and mi­cronu­tri­ents.

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