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George W. Bush, Maya Angelou, Priyanka Chopra


Who wants to reach the end of their life in a perfectly preserved body? The scars and the crinkles and the cracks are what make us interestin­g. —Bear Grylls, adventurer

There’s no cap on success. The jury stays out till you take your last breath. —Judy Sheindlin, judge

The problem with taking it easy is that it sounds attractive at first, until you get into a routine of doing nothing. And you don’t expand your mind or help anybody else. —George W. Bush, former president

Ego is just an overdresse­d insecurity. —Quincy Jones, music producer

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. —Maya Angelou, Writer

No matter where you are in the world, somebody will be worse off than you. And if you think like that, you will always have the mind-set to give back. —Priyanka Chopra, actor

Never stop worrying. Live each day as if your rent is due tomorrow. —Carl Hiaasen, writer

The great thing about ideas is that every new idea leads to two more. Ideas breed. —Jeff Bezos, businessma­n

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