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Feel like renting a good movie? Don’t waste your time with these hits, say reviewers on Amazon:


back to the future part ii:

“This was the most unrealisti­c load of junk that one could ever see in their life. Time travel is only possible at 180,000 miles per second, not 88 miles per hour.”

free willy: escape from pirate’s cove:

“How many times must Willy be freed before he’s freed?”


“Good movie but not for family. Too many indawendos.”

harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone:

“It’s not believable.”

mission: impossible— rogue nation:

“Fifth film in the franchise, and they finish the mission and win the day. I’m not convinced these films should be called Mission: Impossible anymore, because they’re clearly not.”

pitch perfect:

“What is wrong with filmmakers today? This film has captured my daughter’s flights of fancy, and now she thinks she can sing.”

the wolf of wall street:

“There were no wolves in this movie.”

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