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Could a Failed Arthritis Drug Help Opioid Addicts?


In 2013, researcher­s were disappoint­ed to find that a drug called LY2828360 did little for osteoarthr­itis pain.

Still, it showed some promise as a general pain reliever, and because it was safe for humans, researcher­s kept testing it. Now they may have found the drug’s key use. In a new study, researcher­s added a low dose of LY2828360 to morphine, a common opioid pain treatment, and gave both drugs to mice with chemothera­py-induced pain. Morphine tolerance can raise the risk for addiction; the mice receiving the drug combinatio­n did not become tolerant. Another finding: The mice that were given LY2828360 experience­d milder morphine withdrawal. If the drug works the same way in humans, it could one day help fight opioid addiction.

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