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Word Power ANSWERS


1. fiddly (b) needing close attention. I hate sewing on buttons—it’s such fiddly work.

2. knackered (b) exhausted. Knackered after a long week, Giles ordered pizza and watched reruns instead of going to the gym.

3. brolly (a) umbrella. Bring your brolly and wear your boots—it’s going to pour today!

4. pitch (b) playing field. The Reds dominated the game from the moment they stepped onto the pitch.

5. ta (c) thanks. “Ta, Dad!” Imogen yelled as she grabbed her lunch and ran out the door.

6. posh (b) fancy. My wife wants to go camping for our anniversar­y, but I’d prefer a weekend in a posh hotel.

7. cack-handed (b) clumsy. “Why am I always so cack-handed?” Susan grumbled, picking up shards of glass from the floor.

8. aubergine (c) eggplant. The chef chopped squash, aubergine, and garlic for the stir-fry.

9. argy-bargy (b) argument. “I don’t agree with you, but let’s not get into an argy-bargy about it,” Rupert snapped.

10. chuffed (c) delighted. Arthur was chuffed when his painting won first place at the art show.

11. dog’s breakfast (a) confusing mess.

Dr. Cornwell’s filing system is a complete dog’s breakfast—i don’t know how she finds anything.

12. clanger (c) blunder. After a series of on-air clangers, the newscaster was fired.

13. nick (c) steal. “I can’t believe someone would nick my laptop!” Felicity cried.

14. chin-wag (b) friendly chat. George and Nigel meet at the pub for a chin-wag every Wednesday.

15. poppet (a) little one. “Give your granny a kiss, poppet.”

Vocabulary Ratings

9 & below: duchess 10–12: princess 13–15: queen

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