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I admit to being a traditiona­list when it comes to Thanksgivi­ng, but seeing the photo of Tofurky in your roundup of favorite foods from all 50 states makes me glad that someone else is enjoying this delicacy. —Byron Perkins Rochester, Washington

Many people who live in Massachuse­tts wonder why we are known for baked beans. I’d say clam chowder is our signature dish, you chowdah heads!

—Joe Dennehy Waltham, Massachuse­tts Everybody loves

Ben & Jerry’s, but they are relatively new to Vermont’s food heritage. What about maple syrup—on ice cream, in maple candy, and especially in the seasonal favorite sugar-on-snow (clean, packed snow in a pan with boiled syrup poured in rows and wound onto a fork to eat like taffy)? Don’t forget sour pickles to cut the sweetness and raised doughnuts to clear the palate so you can start again! —Linda Ward Emmett, Idaho

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