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Word Power

- By Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon

Oh my! This year marks the 80th anniversar­y of the movie-musical The Wizard of Oz. To celebrate, we’re featuring words that include the enchanted o and z duo. If you’ve got a brain (or the nerve), follow the yellow brick road to page 134. 1. woozy adj. ('woo-zee) a fond of naps. b mentally unclear. c sneezy. 2. lollapaloo­za n. (lah-luh-puh-'loo-zuh) a mob scene. b outstandin­g example. c hammock. 3. schmooze v. (shmooz) a chat. b mock. c smear. 4. protozoan n. (proh-tuh-'zoh-uhn) a ancient times. b one-celled creature. c Greek sea god. 5. schemozzle n. (shuh-'mah-zuhl) a clumsy person. b tiny pest. c confused situation. 6. cozy n. ('coh-zee) a teapot cover. b hidden nook. c close friend. 7. rebozo n. (rih-'boh-zoh) a caboose. b clown suit. c long scarf. 8. foozle v. ('fooh-zuhl) a mess up. b trick. c lather. 9. cocozelle n. (kah-kuh-'zeh-lee) a type of zucchini. b daring thief. c small deer. 10. lozenge n. ('lah-zinj) a local pharmacy. b medicated candy. c afternoon cocktail. 11. cryptozool­ogy n. (crip-tuh-zoh-'ah-luh-jee) a science of temperatur­e. b history of tombs. c study of fabled animals. 12. ooze v. (ooz) a flow slowly. b express discomfort. c cover with mud. 13. sozzled adj. ('sah-zuhld) a infuriated. b intoxicate­d. c infatuated. 14. arroz con pollo n. (uh-'rohss kohn 'poh-yoh) a chicken dish. b citizen’s arrest. c traditiona­l dance. 15. schnoz n. (shnoz) a punch. b nose. c simpleton. To play an interactiv­e version of Word Power on your ipad, download the Reader’s Digest app.

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