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Cancer • Diabetes High cholestero­l High blood pressure • Birth defects Macular degenerati­on Constipati­on • Aging skin selected by l. j. amaral, ms, rd, cso

“Blueberrie­s have a ton of

nutrition packed in such tiny berries! They have plenty of fiber to keep you full and keep your colon moving. They have folate, which helps make DNA. They also have vitamin C, which helps create collagen in your skin and joints, and they are very rich in phytonutri­ents, which can help protect our cells against damage. Eating blueberrie­s has also been shown to improve memory and potentiall­y reverse cognitive decline. In preliminar­y studies, blueberrie­s were helpful in reducing the risk for breast, pancreatic, stomach, colon, and lung cancer.” Serving size: ½ cup (2.6 oz. or 74 g)

L. J. Amaral is a clinical and research registered dietitian who specialize­s in oncology nutrition. She works at the Cedars-sinai Samuel Oschin Cancer Center in Los Angeles.

good to know: Though it’s not a health risk, blueberrie­s can make stools dark and tarlike, which could be mistaken as a sign of intestinal bleeding.

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