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Heals: High blood pressure


Atheroscle­rosis Heart disease • Diabetes Infections • Colon and rectal cancers selected by kylene bogden, ms, rdn “Garlic is wonderful for

keeping high blood pressure at bay—something I find very useful for individual­s under a ton of stress. One of the most underrated properties of garlic is its antifungal ability. Allicin is the biological compound responsibl­e for this magical power. I often recommend fresh garlic and sometimes a garlic supplement when someone is dealing with athlete’s foot or even frequent urinary tract infections as a result of yeast overgrowth. It is believed that garlic can reduce the risk of various cancers, as well as prevent cognitive decline.” Serving size: 3 cloves or 3 teaspoons, minced (⅓ oz. or 9 g)

Kylene Bogden is a Cleveland-based registered dietitian nutritioni­st who works with NBA athletes. She is also the cofounder and COO of Fwdfuel Sports Nutrition.

good to know: Garlic is most potent when eaten raw, but it may upset your stomach. Lessen your chance of experienci­ng stomach irritation by eating raw garlic with a balanced meal.

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