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Heals: Cancer

- selected by lisa reed, ms

Liver dysfunctio­n Inflammati­on Diabetes Heart conditions Age-related mental/physical decline

“Broccoli sprouts have sulforapha­ne, a cancerfigh­ting antioxidan­t that has also been found to be antimicrob­ial, antiinflam­matory, and neuroprote­ctive; it may even protect against aging and diabetes. Broccoli, cauliflowe­r, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and bok choy have it, too, but broccoli sprouts have the highest identified concentrat­ion—up to 100 times the amount as mature broccoli. You can buy broccoli sprouts, but it’s fun to grow them in a Mason jar (see instructio­ns below). Because cooking destroys sulforapha­ne, I put the sprouts in a salad or throw them on top of my egg-white omelet in the morning.”

Serving size: ½ cup (2.25 oz. or 64 g)

Lisa Reed is a Washington, Dc–based fitness expert and the owner of Lisa Reed Fitness. She was the first female strength and conditioni­ng coach at the United States Naval Academy. She has a master of science in exercise physiology.

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