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1. woozy (b) mentally unclear. Ray felt slightly woozy after his dental surgery. 2. lollapaloo­za (b) outstandin­g example. The Hamiltons always throw a lollapaloo­za of a Halloween party. 3. schmooze (a) chat. Who wouldn’t want to schmooze with Hollywood stars at a movie premiere? 4. protozoan (b) one-celled creature. Under the microscope, the tiny protozoan looks like a sci-fi monster. 5. schemozzle (c) confused situation. “This project has been a schemozzle finish!” Billie from complained. start to 6. cozy (a) teapot cover. “The pot stays nice and hot,” said Aunt Em, “with a woolen cozy on it.” 7. rebozo (c) long scarf. Judy bought rebozos in a few different colors on her trip to Mexico. 8. foozle (a) mess up. It was Henry’s best round of golf ever—until he foozled a two-foot putt. 9. cocozelle (a) type of zucchini. Mama’s sauce recipe calls for three ripe cocozelles, crushed tomatoes, and a whole lot of garlic. 10. lozenge (b) medicated candy. I can’t seem to shake this cough; I’ve been popping throat lozenges for weeks. 11. cryptozool­ogy (c) study of fabled animals. The cryptozool­ogy website has a page dedicated to the Loch Ness Monster. 12. ooze (a) flow slowly. I love to watch the chocolate ooze out of a freshly baked molten lava cake. 13. sozzled (b) intoxicate­d. The keynote speaker was too sozzled to take the podium. 14. arroz con pollo (a) chicken dish. As a vegan, I’ll take the arroz (rice) but skip the pollo (chicken). 15. schnoz (b) nose. “Watch out—you almost hit me right in the schnoz!” Bert exclaimed.

Vocabulary Ratings

9 & below: dozing 10–12: no bozo 13–15: up in the ozone

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