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All in a Day’s WORK

- Cartoon by Crowden Satz

A Pennsylvan­ia prosecutor was demoted earlier this year for moonlighti­ng for a food delivery service when he should have been in the office. The

Week asked its readers to title a TV show based on this scenario. You may soon watch:

✦ Law and Order In

✦ A Few Good Menus

✦ Food Court

✦ 12 Hungry Men

✦ Crime & Nourishmen­t

✦ The Meals of Justice


✦ The French Fry Connection

When I was 25, I made a PDF assigning each employee to the Muppet they reminded me of the most. I meant to send it to my work friend but accidental­ly sent it to the entire company. My supervisor (Beaker) wanted to fire me, but the owners (Bert & Ernie) intervened. — @Aerinchevy­ford

I showed my thirdgrade music class a short film about composer George Frideric Handel. Afterward, a student asked if that was really Handel or an actor playing Handel.

“Well, Alex,” I said, “Handel lived way back in the 1700s. Does that give you a hint?”

“Ah,” said Alex, realizing his mistake. “It couldn’t have been him. If it were really Handel from that long ago, the film would have been in blackand-white.”

—Paula Farina Annapolis, Maryland

My brother-in-law, a newly minted volunteer firefighte­r, was riding in the fire engine for the first

time when he felt the need to offer the driver some advice.

“I think you should pull over,” he said. “Don’t you hear the siren?”

A more experience­d colleague patiently explained, “That’s us.” —Ernest Echelbarge­r Grovetown, Georgia

A few days after my 17-year-old nephew

Today, a first grader told me that she doesn’t need to learn what I’m teaching because she wants to be a pineapple when she grows up. — @teacheront­opic

started his first job, I asked how it was going. His reply was very relatable. “Well,” he said, “it sure does take up a lot of time.” —Kathy Irby Robinson, Illinois do you have a funny story about a boss, coworker, student, patient, or customer? It could be worth $$$. For details, go to p. 2 or

 ?? ?? “I’m going to forgo all the gobbledygo­ok and cut straight to the rigamarole.”
“I’m going to forgo all the gobbledygo­ok and cut straight to the rigamarole.”
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