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✦ Louis Angelino is a profession­al cleaner. A new client texted him the address and said the key was under the mat. Angelino arrived, found the key, and got to work. After three hours of mopping and scrubbing, he was done. Just then, his client called asking where he was. “I’m in your living room playing with your cats,” said Angelino.

“Louis,” said the client, “I don’t have cats.” And that’s how Angelino learned that he’d broken into a stranger’s home and cleaned it for free. source:

✦ As a Scottish police officer drove around Glasgow during her night shift, she noticed a bright light in the sky— likely a drone—following her. She tried evasive maneuvers, but it kept tracking her. Unnerved, she returned to the station, where a senior officer explained that the drone was actually the planet Jupiter. source: daily record

✦ The people of Plover, Wisconsin, wanted the name of their village writ large on the local water tower. So crews began painting. When they finished, travelers from near and far could now see that they were entering the picturesqu­e village of “Plvoer.” The locals commemorat­ed the gaffe with a T-shirt that proclaims “I Lvoe Plvoer.” source: kxan

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