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- By Sarah Chassé

What’s sweeter than sharing holiday treats with family and friends? To celebrate the season, we’ve whipped up a batch of tasty terms related to baking. Will you take the cake, or eat humble pie?

Once you’ve savored this quiz, turn the page for the answers. 1. meringue n. (muh-'rang)

a lemon custard

b whipped topping

c spicy eggnog 2. sieve v. (siv)

a halve

b mix

c sift

3. bain-marie

n. (ban muh-'ree)

a water bath

b wedding cake

c steamed bun 4. galette n. (guh-'let)

a rolled cookie

b flat pastry

c filled Danish 5. unleavened adj. (un-'leh-vind)

a made without yeast

b preservati­ve-free

c unsweetene­d

6. cardamom

n. ('kar-duh-mum)

a almond paste

b flower garnish

c gingery spice

7. infuse

v. (in-'fyooz)

a light on fire

b steep in liquid

c heat gradually

8. profiterol­e

n. (proh-'fih-tuh-roll)

a candied pecan

b plum pudding

c mini cream puff

9. compote

n. ('kam-poht)

a fruit cooked in syrup

b vanilla buttercrea­m

c graham cracker crumble

10. pâtissier

n. (pah-tiss-'yay)

a piping bag

b pastry chef

c baking competitio­n 11. dredge v. (drej)

a coat by sprinkling

b flavor with tea

c whisk by hand 12. zest n. (zest)

a cranberry relish

b cracked peppercorn

c citrus peel 13. tandoor n. (tahn-'door)

a savory dumpling

b clay oven

c golden fig 14. minced adj. (minsed)

a kneaded

b drizzled

c chopped

15. ganache

n. (gah-'nahsh)

a soggy crust

b cherry liqueur

c chocolate frosting

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