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(b) whipped topping

A classic meringue has just two ingredient­s: egg whites and sugar.

2. sieve

(c) sift

“Don’t forget to sieve the flour—we don’t want lumpy batter,” Dad said.

3. bain-marie

(a) water bath

To avoid a cracked cheesecake, try baking it in a bain-marie.

(b) flat pastry

I hope Miriam brings her apple-topped galette to the Hanukkah party!

5. unleavened

(a) made without yeast Unleavened bread is flat and comes in many varieties, including matzo, tortillas, and crepes.

6. cardamom

(c) gingery spice

For this recipe, we’ll need cardamom and shredded coconut.

7. infuse

(b) steep in liquid

To make oatmeal cookies extra fancy, add raisins infused with rum.

8. profiterol­e

(c) mini cream puff

My grandmothe­r always made beautifull­y decorated bonbons and profiterol­es.

9. compote

(a) fruit cooked in syrup Would you like some raspberry compote on top of your ice cream?

10. pâtissier

(b) pastry chef

After coming in second on

The Great British

Show, Omar became

Baking a famous pâtissier and cookbook author.

11. dredge

(a) coat by sprinkling Sebastian dredged the fish fillets with bread crumbs before popping them into the oven.

(c) citrus peel

I add orange zest to my muffin mix for extra zip.

(b) clay oven Anika cooks her Christmas goose in her tandoor.

(c) chopped Should we add some minced walnuts to this scone recipe?

15. ganache

(c) chocolate frosting

Pour ganache over the cooled cake, making sure to spread it evenly.

Vocabulary Ratings

9 & below: daily bread 10–12: smart cookie 13–15: icing on the cake

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