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Genius Beauty

Plus seven other beauty buys to simplify your routine


A razor that softens skin and other brilliant buys


Streamline your shaving with this sleek five-blade razor. An Olay moisturize­r clicks into the grippy matte handle. Press the button to dispense the cream—it comes out underneath the blades, so you don’t have to worry about clogging. The freed-up space in your shower (bye, can!) is second only to how smooth your legs will feel, even if you skip after-shower lotion. TO BUY: $39; gilletteve­

1 MANI NOURISHER Static Nails Polish Remover

This acetone-free liquid has no scent, fully removes even the darkest hues, and conditions cuticles. Press it onto nails with a pad, hold for 20 seconds, then swipe off polish from base to tip. TO BUY: $18; staticnail­

2 CLOUDLIKE COLOR Nars Cosmetics Air Matte Blush

Treat your cheeks to the Cadillac of blush with this mousse (in eight shades) that imparts a happy glow and never looks clownish. TO BUY: $30; narscosmet­

3 SKIN REFRESHER Drunk Elephant Protini Powerpepti­de Resurf Serum

We know, we know: another serum. But if yours is running low, try this one next. It brightens, firms, and plumps with just a few pumps every morning and night. TO BUY: $82;

4 BETTER DIY DYE Madison Reed Color Therapy Color Depositing Hair Mask

Scared of box dye but want to touch up at home? Instead of conditione­r, use this mask twice a week to revive highlights or tone down brassiness. TO BUY: $20;


Stash this pinkie-size gizmo in your bag to remove cheek fuzz or a rogue chin hair as soon as you see, feel, or Spidey sense it. Then flip it over to depuff undereyes.

TO BUY: $59;

6 KNOT NIXER Odele Leave-In Detangling Tonic

This fresh-scented mist melts postshampo­o snarls, tames bedhead (on kids too), and—when misted onto dry curls—puts some spring and shine back into spirals. TO BUY: $12;

7 SUSTAINABL­E SUDS Hey Humans Body Wash

The gender-neutral bottles serve the whole fam while the recyclable packaging serves the planet, all without costing an arm and a leg. TO BUY: $6 each;

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