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Secrets to a better smoothie

Hearing the blender sputter, stall, and grind to a halt is no way to start your day—let alone make a smoothie. For the best mixture, pour in liquids first to give the blades freedom to spin, says Jenna Helwig, food director at REAL SIMPLE and author of Smoothie-licious. Next, layer in greens like kale or spinach, which “helps them break down so your smoothie doesn’t eat like a salad,” she says. Top the greens with nut butters and fresh fruits and vegetables, then finish with anything frozen. “You want to add icy stuff last so the less dense ingredient­s can blend first,” she says. “That will help keep your blender running more smoothly and provide a tastier drink.” —Brandi Broxson

 ?? Photograph by Marc Tran ??
Photograph by Marc Tran

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