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The lowdown on spring onions

Easy to spot, thanks to their pretty, often purple bulbs, spring onions are sweeter and less pungent than regular onions but have more of a bite (and booty) than scallions. SHOP for these while you can; they’re generally available only in spring and early summer. STORE in a produce bag in the crisper drawer for up to five days or until starting to wilt. TO SERVE, sauté halved or quartered bulbs and stalks until golden and tender, to bring out their sweetness. Slather with olive oil and grill or roast whole until charred in spots. Or thinly slice the dark green tops and add to hot pastas, stir-fries, and more. —Ananda Eidelstein

 ?? Photograph by Caitlin Bensel ??
Photograph by Caitlin Bensel

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