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Some favorite new releases for every literary taste

Coming-of-Age Novel

Caroline Nolan grew up committed to a life of faith, as expected by her father, a famous pastor of an evangelica­l megachurch. But soon before she leaves home for college, and when her older sister’s wedding is just weeks away, a scandal involving her dad shakes the community, causing her and her sister to question everything. God Spare the Girls by Kelsey McKinney is a fascinatin­g look at the moment in a young woman’s life when she starts to forge an identity separate from her family’s.

Charming Rom-Com

Bookish homebody Alex and free-spirited globe-trotter Poppy took summer vacations together for a decade. But two years ago, something happened on that trip, and the friends haven’t spoken since. Poppy can’t stop thinking about him, so she convinces Alex to go on one last getaway, her final shot to fix everything. People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry is a delightful love story full of hilarious one-liners and winking asides, making it the perfect poolside companion.

Moving Memoir

In Somebody’s Daughter, Ashley C. Ford recounts growing up captivated by hazy memories of her incarcerat­ed father; she believes she’ll finally feel whole when they eventually reunite. But after the reason he was imprisoned comes to light, her self-discovery truly begins. This is a deeply honest story about how she reckoned with her family’s past, and how her fraught history informed her future.

ThoughtPro­voking Read

In Lionel Shriver’s new novel, Should We Stay or Should We Go, Kay and Cyril, a 50-something married couple, decide that instead of risking the age-related decline that could be devastatin­g for themselves and their loved ones, they’ll die by suicide together when they both turn 80. The author then gives us a dozen possible outcomes—some poignant, some funny, some gutting—each of which asks interestin­g questions about aging, longevity, and living well.

Sweeping Story

Two ambitious women— a daredevil aviator raised in Prohibitio­nera Montana and the actor cast to play her in a Hollywood film nearly a century later— are the focus of Great Circle, the compelling new novel by Maggie Shipstead. With an unforgetta­ble plot that zigzags around the globe and across time, this epic tale is a storytelli­ng marvel, the kind of crowd-pleaser your book club will devour.

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