Volt 300


Long be­fore Daryl of The Walk­ing Dead made cross­bows cool among the zombie apoc­a­lypse crowd, sol­diers and hunters used this ranged weapon to great ef­fect for cen­turies. That’s why some cross­bows nowa­days can cost more than a qual­ity AR-15. Don’t have an ex­tra grand or two ly­ing around? Cros­man hopes to ease that fi­nan­cial squeeze by of­fer­ing the Volt 300 from its CENTERPOINT Archery brand. It in­cludes a quiver, car­bon ar­rows, an ad­justable butt­stock, and a 1x40mm three-dot op­tic for $300. With a re­duced draw weight of

130 pounds, it’s ideal for those look­ing for a smaller-framed model that’s eas­ier to cock yet still de­liv­ers plenty of ve­loc­ity. Also, it has quad limbs, an auto-safety trig­ger mech­a­nism, a fully ma­chined cams sys­tem, and in­ter­change­able grips and butt­stock. The Volt 300 should be avail­able come mid-May.

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