Cre­at­ing a PVC Pipe Stor­age So­lu­tion

RECOIL OFFGRID - - Buried Treasure - By Ryan Houtekamer

There are many rea­sons why you’d want to build a wa­ter­tight stor­age con­tainer. Here we walk you through one method to make your own, small cache.

Your first trip should be to the hard­ware store to pick up some ABS or PVC pipe. We chose 4-inch-di­am­e­ter ABS. It has a fair amount of space to store sup­plies, is easy to bury, and fits eas­ily in hand or a bag. You’ll also need an end­cap, test plug, and some PVC or ABS ce­ment.

Black tube is ABS; white is PVC. For all in­tents and pur­poses for build­ing a cache, you can’t go wrong with ei­ther. ABS is said to be a bit stronger and able to bet­ter with­stand cold, but it’s re­ally more a mat­ter of us­ing what’s avail­able and large enough to store the con­tents you wish to cache. Th­ese pipe seg­ments are the main com­po­nents of your stor­age sys­tem. You can cut or have a length of pipe cut to your pre­ferred size at the hard­ware store, but for this cache project, we fo­cus on a 1-foot length of ABS pipe.

You can cut it your­self us­ing a chop saw or hand­saw. The taller your blade, the straighter the cut you’ll get. A hack­saw will tend to wan­der when you make the cut, so try us­ing a reg­u­lar hand­saw for wood. Once you’ve cut your pipe, clean the edges of the pipe to en­sure it seats well. Run a fine-toothed file or a piece of sand­pa­per over the out­side and in­side edge

to clean it up. This will get rid of any burrs from cut­ting it and al­low you to get a bet­ter seal.

Next, test-fit your end­cap onto the pipe and use tape to mark where it ends on the tube. This isn’t oblig­a­tory, but it en­sures that you cover the en­tire area of over­lap with ad­he­sive. When tap­ing some­thing that you plan to re­move, dou­ble over the end of the tape to make a small tab. This makes it much eas­ier to pull off. Take the cap off and run the brush from your can of ce­ment around the in­side edges of the cap. Do the same for the out­side sur­face above the tape on the pipe. Don’t worry about get­ting ad­he­sive on the tape since you’ll pull it off later. Re­move the tape and slide the cap on. Give the cap a quar­ter turn, as this will help the ad­he­sive spread out.

With the bot­tom capped off, wait un­til the ce­ment has dried and start plac­ing items in­side the tube. The first thing you should put in the tube is the des­ic­cant pack. This will help con­trol any mois­ture in­side the pipe. If you can’t pro­cure a des­ic­cant, you can im­pro­vise with a small sock filled with cat lit­ter.

This next part is op­tional, but we def­i­nitely rec­om­mend it. Place your items in a bag and wrap a loop of cord around them, which will make much eas­ier to pull the items out of the tube later (think of how some tubes of sur­vival matches are pack­aged). We also toss an­other des­ic­cant pack in the bag. Never hurts to en­sure your con­tents stay dry.

With your de­sired items stuffed in the tube, we need to seal it from the el­e­ments. This is where the test plug comes in. You may have seen other caches con­structed us­ing a screw-on PVC end­cap. The is­sue with this method that you might need a wrench to open it. The test plug uses a but­ter­fly nut that you can screw with your fin­gers to get a seal.

When you tighten the nut, it crushes the rub­ber seal, forc­ing it into the in­te­rior walls of the pipe. We rec­om­mend greas­ing up the me­tal parts heav­ily, though, to save you some grief later. For a bit of added se­cu­rity, take your last bag, toss it over the pipe, and then tape it to the pipe. This will keep any ex­cess mois­ture from af­fect­ing the test plug and your me­tal parts. When you dig it up, you just need to tear through your bag and un­screw the top.

A few ma­te­ri­als re­quired: 1. 1-foot ABS pipe 2. Des­ic­cant pack­age 3. ABS ce­ment 4. Test Plug Tools and Parts Re­quired Tape ABS or PVC pipe ce­ment Hand­saw Thick grease 2x plas­tic bags Test plug Sand­pa­per PVC or ABS pipe of re­quired...

Sand burrs Ce­ment here and there Make Para­cord Loop Sand edges Ce­ment cap Pull sup­plies out Mark area to be glued Twist Voilà!

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