Key Things to Re­mem­ber

RECOIL OFFGRID - - Make The Right Call -

Al­ways re­peat what you think some­one said in the sim­plest way you know. They’ll re­spond ei­ther “Yes, blah, blah blah” and you’ll know you un­der­stood the gist or they’ll say “No, blah, blah, blah” and say more words, and you can then fo­cus on key words. Then you can fo­cus on lis­ten­ing for vi­tal info like “go left” or “right,” etc.

Con­stantly lis­ten and read, try­ing to un­der­stand ev­ery­thing you can. Lis­ten when folks are speak­ing to hear how the lan­guage is used.

Chal­lenge your­self by ask­ing, “How would I say ...” Then try to say it with­out learn­ing aids. This way, you’re us­ing spare time to do men­tal lan­guage train­ing, con­vert­ing pas­sive vo­cab­u­lary into ac­tive vo­cab­u­lary and us­able phrases.

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