Wild Gar­lic


(Al­lium canadense)


Death Ca­mas (Tox­i­coscor­dion ve­neno­sum and oth­ers)

Wild gar­lic should smell strongly of onions or gar­lic, and is gen­er­ally edi­ble with­out is­sues. Use the chopped green leaves as chives to make any food more palat­able and eat the onion­like bulb. Be aware, though, that Death Ca­mas also looks a lot like an onion. It can cause loss of vol­un­tary mus­cle move­ment, di­ar­rhea, vom­it­ing, among other un­pleas­antries.

Tell Them Apart: Take a whiff. Al­though the Death Ca­mas bulb looks like an onion, it won’t have the smell of gar­lic or onion like its edi­ble cousin.

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