Wild Car­rot aka Queen Anne’s Lace


(Dau­cus carota)

vs. Poi­sonous Hem­lock

(Co­nium mac­u­la­tum)

The roots of young car­rots are very edi­ble, al­though as they age they be­come more woody and ined­i­ble.

Tell Them Apart: Look for pur­ple blotches or spots on the smooth (hair­less) stems of Poi­son Hem­lock. Wild car­rot stems are usu­ally cov­ered in hairs, while hem­lock is bare.

Wild Car­rot Range: Through­out the United States and Canada Photo by Joaquim Alves Gas­par Photo by Gary A. Mon­roe Photo by Doug Gold­man, hosted by the USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database Poi­sonous Hem­lock Range: Through­out the United States...

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