Wal­let-Sized Tools

RECOIL OFFGRID - - Contents - Story and Pho­tos by Pa­trick Vuong

Imag­ine you had just sec­onds to grab your es­sen­tials be­fore a rag­ing wild­fire en­gulfed your home. It would be chaos, right? That’s why we have get-outof-Dodge bags at the ready. But the one thing we won’t be haul­ing with us is the garage — our man cave of power tools, man­ual im­ple­ments, and other equip­ment.

Sure, if you’re bug­ging out in an RV or off-road rig, you prob­a­bly have a tool kit pre­loaded. But if you’re flee­ing on foot from im­pend­ing doom, you’ll be lucky to make it out with the clothes and pack on your back.

That’s why in this edi­tion of Pocket Preps we’re fo­cus­ing on wal­let-sized tools. These lit­tle de­vices are su­per slim and feath­er­weight but can of­ten serve var­i­ous du­ties when things go awry — or be used for more mun­dane things like pop­ping open a brewski. Plus, these mul­ti­tools are por­ta­ble and can fit pretty much any­where a credit card can. That means you can have a mini tool­box in your pocket no mat­ter where you go.

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