Sce­nario: The Stalker

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Like most peo­ple, you have a fa­vorite route you like to take to and from work. You see it twice a day, five days a week. You may not think about it con­sciously, but you’re well-ac­cus­tomed to “nor­mal” pat­terns along these roads. That’s why it struck you as strange to see the same ratty mini­van with the same li­cense plate pop­ping up along your com­mute.

The first time, it fol­lowed be­hind you for over five miles be­fore turn­ing off onto a side road. Maybe a lit­tle weird, but it’s a busy road and a main thor­ough­fare, so prob­a­bly just co­in­ci­dence or some­one who has the same route as you do. Two days later, you spot­ted the same mini­van parked out­side of your of­fice while walk­ing to your car af­ter work. Sev­eral days af­ter that, it showed up im­me­di­ately af­ter you picked your daugh­ter up from school and tail­gated be­hind you al­most all the way home. When you turned into your drive­way, they slowed down, but kept go­ing straight and looked over as if ob­serv­ing you.

Tonight, you’re headed out to drop off your daugh­ter at her friend’s house for a sleep­over. You pull out of your drive­way and start to head down your street when sud­denly that ratty van seems to come out of nowhere, pulling across the in­ter­sec­tion and stop­ping. It’s a nar­row res­i­den­tial street, so you don’t have enough room to go around him — you’re blocked. That’s when the doors open, and two guys step out. One has a gun, and the other opens the back of the van up and two other men in masks get out. You're out­num­bered, un­armed, the lives of you and your child are clearly in dan­ger, and there’s only sec­onds to re­act. What do you do?

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