Pro­tec­tive Driv­ing Skill #1: Re­verse 180

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CON­CEPT: A tech­nique known as the re­verse 180 (also called a J-turn) might be able to get you away from this threat in a hurry. The idea is to ac­cel­er­ate quickly in re­verse and swing your ve­hi­cle in a hard 180 -de­gree turn to ori­ent you away from the threat. Then, sim­ply press on the gas and get out of dodge. This is a fast way to break con­tact with a threat when you can­not sim­ply drive through. OVER­VIEW: Check to make sure there are no ob­sta­cles be­hind you. Hit the gas and pick up speed go­ing back­ward. When you get to about 30 mph, let off the gas to shift the car's weight, and quickly spin the steer­ing wheel hard right or left, de­pend­ing on which way you want to turn. Don't touch the brake pedal! Mo­men­tum and the sud­den change in di­rec­tion will cause the ve­hi­cle to pivot around its rear end un­til you’re fac­ing the di­rec­tion of travel and “re­verse” is now “for­ward.” About half­way through the turn, shift the car into drive and start to bring the wheel to cen­ter. When you’re fac­ing for­ward, get back on the gas to con­tinue trav­el­ing away from the threat. CON­SID­ER­A­TIONS: Know what’s be­hind you be­fore you be­gin this ma­neu­ver!

Your es­cape will be ut­terly inef fec­tive if you throw it in re­verse and stomp that pedal only to back into an­other car. Sim­i­larly, make sure you have enough room to swing the ve­hi­cle. You don’t need much, but if you’re on a one-way street that’s lined on both sides with parked cars, you might not make it. Also check the rearview and find your es­cape route be­fore you start to re­verse. Know where you’re go­ing to go once you get turned around. Ad­di­tion­ally, be­come fa­mil­iar with your ve­hi­cle — some have speed lim­iters in re­verse gear.

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