Sce­nario: Road Rage

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It’s late on a week­night. You’re on your way home from a friend’s house, about 45 min­utes away. It’s way past your nor­mal bed­time for a work night, and the highway is pretty much empty. You haven’t seen a sin­gle state trooper and only a cou­ple other cars. But one of those other cars comes roar­ing past you on the shoul­der and cuts sharply into your lane. You brake hard and honk, cussing at your wind­shield.

You change lanes, but the car in front of you changes lanes with you, block­ing you from pass­ing. You flash your high beams and honk again. The other ve­hi­cle gets out of your lane and slams on the brakes. You pass them, only to have them pull up dan­ger­ously close be­hind you and throw on their high beams. You speed up to try and get away from them, but their car is faster than yours. They con­tinue to fol­low ridicu­lously close, blind­ing you, honk­ing, and tap­ping your bumper. Your ve­hi­cle just isn’t up to the task of out­run­ning them — as the say­ing goes, where’s a cop when you need one?

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