Sce­nario: Evad­ing a Col­li­sion

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You and your loved ones are tak­ing a week­end af­ter­noon drive up through the moun­tains. There’s not a build­ing in sight for miles, and the road is a wide-open twolane black­top. The weather is gor­geous; you’ve got the win­dows down and the ra­dio up, and ev­ery­thing is serene. An 18 -wheel trac­tor trailer crests the hori­zon com­ing to­ward you in the op­po­site lane.

Nor­mally not a big deal, as this road is of­ten used by long-haul truck­ers to dodge in­ter­state traf fic. But as the two of you get closer and closer, each go­ing a few miles above the posted speed limit, the truck swerves into your lane and is now head­ing di­rectly for you. Stop­ping would be use­less, and you can’t trade lanes with the truck as there’s al­ready more traf fic com­ing to­ward you on that side as well. The road­side is a soft shoul­der of dirt, gravel, and over­grown weeds. But it beats a head-on col­li­sion.

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