Five Mar­tial Arts Train­ing Myths

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Mul­ti­ple Op­po­nent May­hem: Bruce Lee made it look so easy beat­ing down a mob of bad guys. For us mere mor­tals, tak­ing down one op­po­nent can be a chal­lenge, let alone two or three. When the odds are stacked against you, the strat­egy turns from dom­i­nance to sur­vival. If you’re faced with mul­ti­ple at­tack­ers, there are tac­tics that’ll im­prove your odds of com­ing out alive, but run­ning (if you can), will im­prove your odds the most.

Deadly Se­ri­ous: There is no room for fun when train­ing deadly com­bat­ives. Al­though the sub­ject of com­bat­ives is se­ri­ous, train­ing should re­main safe and fun. Get­ting stressed from the teacher or coach mer­ci­lessly yelling at you isn’t nec­es­sary (that’s what drill in­struc­tors and spouses are for). Also, be­ing stressed from the threat of in­jury while train­ing is an­other red flag to leave the school and find greener pas­tures. The bot­tom line: If you don’t feel safe and aren’t hav­ing fun, you won’t stick with it.

In­ef­fec­tive: Those pa­jama-wear­ing wannabes can’t fight their way out of a pa­per bag. Wear­ing the tra­di­tional mar­tial arts uni­form may look silly, but make no mis­take, the ma­jor­ity of tra­di­tional arts train hard-core com­bat­ive tech­niques that’ll work in the ring or on the street. Punches, eye goug­ing, and groin kicks (that’ll drop any as­sailant like a bad habit) are com­mon in many arts sport­ing the “jam­mies.”

Costly Com­bat­ives: Some peo­ple are turned off by the price of go­ing to a high-end gym or school. Don’t let this ex­cuse stop you from de­vel­op­ing fists of fury. If you’ve the will, you can find train­ing at a low cost or even free. Look on­line for meet-up groups with free or dis­counted train­ing. Sure, you might train in the park or in some­one’s garage, but the train­ing is there.

Afraid of Com­mit­ment: We get it, you’re busy. You have work, fam­ily, and other com­mit­ments. There might seem to be no way to squeeze in a work­out, but it’s all about set­ting pri­or­i­ties. We bet if you make train­ing high on your list, you’ll find time to turn off Game of Thrones and start kick­ing it.

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