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Mi­cro Trauma Kit NOW! Ba­sic

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This kit is avail­able with ei­ther a ny­lon belt-mount pouch or MOLLE-com­pat­i­ble pouch in your choice of sev­eral col­ors, and with ei­ther ba­sic or ad­vanced med­i­cal sup­plies. We opted for the ba­sic belt-mount kit. This con­fig­u­ra­tion in­cludes a Tourni-Quik TK4, a min­i­mal­ist elas­tic tourni­quet that has been de­ployed with the U.S. Ma­rine Corps and Spe­cial Forces. (For those who wish to also carry a stan­dard C-A-T or SOFTT, Blue Force Gear of­fers a match­ing Tourni­quet NOW! car­rier.) The kit also has a hemo­static gauze dress­ing, a com­pres­sion dress­ing, six strips of med­i­cal tape, and a pair of large gloves. These con­tents are housed in a quick-de­ploy insert, which can be re­moved from the belt car­rier by pulling a tab on ei­ther side. The ex­te­rior panel fea­tures a laser-cut cross sym­bol with three in­ter­change­able in­serts — glow-in-the-dark re­flec­tor, red, and black.


Re­mov­able insert pro­vides fast one­handed ac­cess to con­tents

Ny­lon belt car­rier is well-made, and its belt loops can be re­moved if you pre­fer to carry in a pocket.


Sup­plies aren’t pre­loaded into the car­rier The car­rier is too small for a wind­lass tourni­quet, and even the TK4 is a very tight fit. Per the in­struc­tions, its plas­tic wrap­per must be re­moved.

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