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Pouch-Style Sling­shot



This bril­liantly sim­ple sling­shot con­sists of a heavy rub­ber pouch at­tached to a two-piece threaded poly­car­bon­ate ring. Just re­move the ring’s screw-on cap (which dou­bles as a wrench for chang­ing pouches), drop a pro­jec­tile in the pouch, hold the ring be­tween your thumb and in­dex fin­ger, pull back, and let fly. Ex­tremely com­pact and light­weight, it’s an easy ad­di­tion to any bug-out bag.


Sur­pris­ingly pow­er­ful

Pouch de­sign makes it im­pos­si­ble to drop or mis­align a pro­jec­tile.

Com­pact, light­weight, and easy to pack Screw-on cap al­lows ammo to be stored in the pouch

Lots of af­ter­mar­ket ac­ces­sories, in­clud­ing high-power pouches and ar­row launch­ers, also avail­able


Short draw length

Ring-style grip re­quires good hand strength.

Un­con­ven­tional shoot­ing po­si­tion

Poor shoot­ing form can re­sult in some im­pres­sively painful palm hits.

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