X-Shot LE

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Tubu­lar Band Sling­shot with Wrist Brace


ca­belas.com In sim­ple terms, the Umarex X-Shot LE is a wrist-braced, tubu­lar-band-style sling­shot with an ad­justable fork and wrist brace that al­lows you to tune the length of pull. It also has on-board ammo stor­age in the grip and a squeeze-op­er­ated “Auto-Feed” ammo dis­penser. Its not-so-sim­ple fea­tures in­clude a laser sight in the grip and a “Com­mand Clasp” mag­ne­tized re­tain­ing pouch to hold steel ammo in place. While an am­bi­tious ef­fort to cre­ate a high-tech sling­shot that does every­thing, its ac­tual per­for­mance was dis­ap­point­ing.


Ad­justable wrist brace and fork po­si­tion al­low vari­able length of pull.

On-board ammo stor­age and easy dis­pens­ing


“Com­mand Clasp” pouch is too com­pli­cated and doesn’t align with the leather fin­ger hold, limiting ac­cu­racy and fre­quently caus­ing mis­fires.

Wrist brace de­sign doesn’t sup­port wrist well

Laser makes a bet­ter cat toy than sling­shot sight Non-fold­ing de­sign is awk­ward and doesn’t pack well

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