515 Ranger Com­pass

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2.4 ounces

4 by 2.5 inches




Light­weight com­pass with pre­cise 2-de­gree mea­sure­ment in­cre­ments Af­ford­able cost and good en­try-level value


Liq­uid-filled cap­sule may have is­sues in low tem­per­a­tures. Rotating bezel was overly loose.

As with the Cole­man com­pass, at first we were sus­pi­cious of the Silva be­cause of it s light weight . When we ac tu­ally s tar ted read­ing bear­ings and us­ing it with maps, how­ever, we found the mir­ror de­sign to be ver y well-thought-out and clearly marked. And al­thou gh it ’s ver y light weight , the plas tic is thick in the r ight places to pre­vent dam­age. Three scales, a map mag­ni­fier, cli­nome­ter, and dec­li­na­tion ad­jus tment were ad­di­tional fea­tures that made it s value s tand out .

In this pro­duc t eval­u­a­tion group, it s closes t com­peti­tor would be the Su­unto MC-2, so let ’s make some com­par­isons. The de­sign on both of them is ver y sim­i­lar, and their ap­pear­ance, weight, and feel are ver y close. There are a few dif fer­ences , as noted in the Su­unto sec tion which fol­lows , but both de­signs have a solid rep­u­ta­tion in the back­countr y.

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