MC-2 Com­pass

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2.6 ounces 2.56 by 3.98 by 0.71 inches




Solidly built (for plas­tic) com­pass with proven field ex­pe­ri­ence Light­weight frame Limited life­time war­ranty


Su­unto logo blocks ori­en­ta­tion ar­rows, mak­ing map use more dif fi­cult

Mark­ings may need to be recharged in the dark

This de­sign is quite light weight, although tougher than what you’d ini­tially exp ec t . A s with the Silva , both de­signs use a clear plas tic back­ing , mak­ing it eas­ier to quickly f ind where you’re go­ing and char t a course on a pa­per map. They both uti­lize liq­uid­filled capsules, which can some­times cre­ate problems when used in low tem­per­a­tures .

Glow-in-the-dark (non-tri­tium) mark­ings, which need to be “recharged” with a flash­light in the dark, are also used on the faces of both com­passes. The Su­unto, how­ever, fea­tures a thick, bright ring around the com­pass face as well as on the di­rec­tional mark­ings. This seems prefer­able, as it helped us to lo­cate it in the dark and pro­vided faster ori­en­ta­tion in low light.

An in­for­mal polling of our wilder­ness search-and-res­cue as­so­ciates re­vealed their unan­i­mous approval of this op­tion from Su­unto, although we still weren’t 100-per­cent sold. While both the Su­unto and Silva re­tail for less than the Cam­menga 3H, we’d still pick the Cam­menga for its in­tu­itive ease of use and un­ques­tion­able dura­bil­ity in all con­di­tions. Pub­lished ac­cu­racy: +/- 2 de­grees.

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