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Usu­ally gun folks are knife folks. Here’s a shirt that celebrates both … sorta.

The Have a Knife Day Shirt is a but­ton-up short sleeve that fea­tures a pat­tern of tiny Swiss Army Knife-like mul­ti­tools. It fea­tures 5.11’s trade­marked RAPIDraw placket, al­low­ing you to quickly ac­cess a con­cealed carry hand­gun. The branded metal case but­tons and snaps will hold up to re­peated use and — let’s face it — are much faster to do and undo than tra­di­tional but­tons. Of­fered in reg­u­lar fit, the shirt is made of a light­weight cot­ton-polyester blend that’s com­fort­able and airy for a sum­mer’s day.

MAKE: 5.11 Tac­ti­cal

MODEL: Have a Knife Day Shirt

COL­ORS: Breeze, Peb­ble, and White

MSRP: $50

URL: www.511tac­ti­cal.com


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