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If we’re spend­ing all day at the range un­der the sun, we’re go­ing to need a wa­ter bot­tle that doesn’t let our cold wa­ter turn luke­warm. For­tu­nately, GSI Out­doors re­leased its Mi­croLite lineup. These

18/8 stain­less steel bot­tles are vac­uum in­su­lated, with a space al­most de­void of air in be­tween two lay­ers of steel. That vac­uum pre­vents out­side con­di­tions from af­fect­ing the bot­tle’s con­tents. Featuring a screw-top lid, the Mi­croLite 720 Twist holds 24 fluid ounces — GSI claims it can keep your cof­fee hot for 12 hours or your iced wa­ter cold for 24 hours. It’s also a third lighter than tra­di­tional dou­ble-walled bot­tles thanks to 2mm-thin steel. Its baby brother, the Mi­croLite 500 Twist, is said to keep 16.9 fluid ounces hot for 10 hours and cold for 20 hours.

MAKE: GSI Out­doors

MODEL: Mi­croLite 720, Mi­croLite 500 Twist

COL­ORS: Ap­ple Green, Black, and Blue

MSRP: $29, $25

URL: www.gsiout­doors.com


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