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The job dic­tates the tool. Ap­ply­ing some stucco? Grab a trowel. In­stalling a new tur­bocharger? Time to bust out the wrenches. But some­times it’s en­joy­able to have a tool that can do more than just one job. Take for in­stance the Fla­grant Tem­plar. This tom­a­hawk is sharp enough for troops to stop bad guys in their tracks, whether through in­tim­i­da­tion or blood loss. It’s strong enough for first-re­spon­ders to pry through bar­ri­cades thanks to its 1095 high-car­bon steel. And it’s com­fort­able enough for out­door ad­ven­tur­ers to choke up on the ta­pered han­dle for de­tailed work on fire­wood, fresh game, and more. This chop­per fea­tures a Cer­akote and comes with a Ky­dex sheath. It’s a mul­ti­tool with more bite.

MAKE: Fla­grant Beard


Fla­grant Tem­plars


12.75 inches

MSRP: $380

URL: www.fla­grant­


It’s hap­pened to the best of us. One sec­ond we’re en­joy­ing the lat­est vi­ral video, the next we’re look­ing at a spi­der­web of bro­ken glass. It doesn’t take much for a smart­phone to slip out of our hands, land on con­crete, and be­came a $600 pa­per­weight. That’s why Ur­ban Ar­mor Gear makes light­weight com­pos­ite phone cases that com­bine an im­pact-re­sis­tant soft core with an ar­mored shell. They meet Mil-spec drop-test stan­dards and are com­pat­i­ble with wire­less charg­ing. Its Pathfinder SE Camo se­ries fea­tures var­i­ous camo pat­terns, in­clud­ing Arc­tic (white, gray, black), Hunter (green and or­ange), and Mid­night (black and gray).


Ur­ban Ar­mor Gear


Pathfinder SE Camo se­ries


Var­i­ous, in­clud­ing Gal­axy S9+ and iPhone 8.

MSRP: $50

URL: www.ur­ba­n­ar­


Trained by Ni­cholas “The Reaper” Irv­ing (one of the great­est Army snipers in his­tory) and fought along­side him, Staff Sergeant Paul Mar­tinez served in Afghanistan as a sniper with the 75th Ranger Reg­i­ment. His 304page me­moir from St. Mar­tin’s Press,

When the Killer Man Comes, fo­cuses mostly on his pla­toon’s mis­sion to hunt down the most dan­ger­ous Tal­iban and al Qaeda lead­ers just as the U.S. troop draw­down of 2011 ap­proached — all while evad­ing IEDs, RPGs, and small-arms fire. With cowriter Ge­orge Gal­dorisi, Mar­tinez gives us an in­sider’s look at the chaotic na­ture of com­bat, the com­plex po­lit­i­cal na­ture of the war, and per­haps most im­por­tantly the sac­ri­fices each mil­i­tary mem­ber makes when serv­ing our coun­try.


St. Mar­tin’s Press

MODEL: When the Killer Man Comes: Elim­i­nat­ing Ter­ror­ists as a Spe­cial Op­er­a­tions Sniper MSRP: $27

URL: us.macmil­


As­sem­bling your own AR is the adult ver­sion of con­struct­ing a Lego set. It taps both the me­chan­i­cal and the creative sides of your brain, re­sult­ing in a per­son­al­ized build and a sense of ac­com­plish­ment. That’s the fun part. The not-so-fun part is los­ing pins and springs or slip­ping and man­gling the fin­ish on your com­po­nents. The AR15 Mas­ter Bench Block from Real Avid helps re­duce those headaches. This com­pre­hen­sive prod­uct lets you tap 13 vi­tal pins, holds five key com­po­nents in eight ways, and se­cure loose pins with in­te­grated mag­nets and a stor­age sec­tion. For con­ve­nience, there are com­po­nent la­bels marked with pin punch sizes while the back and sides are wrapped with an­ti­s­lip over-mold­ing.

MAKE: Real Avid


AR15 Mas­ter Bench Block

MSRP: $30



The re­cently launched Pre­ci­sion Match line is a de­par­ture from Barnes Bul­lets’ sig­na­ture mono­lithic cop­per of­fer­ings. The new am­mu­ni­tion is based on a tra­di­tional cop­per jack­eted lead round that the com­pany loads for mil­i­tary cus­tomers. Barnes re­leased the am­mu­ni­tion to the com­mer­cial mar­ket in 2015 and the ini­tial of­fer­ing en­com­passed mil­i­tary spe­cific car­tridges: 5.56mm, .308W, .300WM, and .338LM. Now the com­pany ex­pands the metic­u­lously made am­mu­ni­tion to pop­u­lar pre­ci­sion cal­ibers, 6 and 6.5 Creed­moor, and .260 Rem­ing­ton. The 6.5 and .260’s BC is an im­pres­sive .586, and the 6mm is push­ing .624. Com­bine th­ese high BCs with tight man­u­fac­tur­ing and load­ing tol­er­ances with ex­treme qual­ity con­trol mea­sures and you’ve got a con­sis­tently ac­cu­rate match load with­out spend­ing Fri­day night in front of the press.

MAKE: Barnes Bul­lets

MODEL: Pre­ci­sion Match


6 Creed­moor, 6.5 Creed­moor, .260 Rem­ing­ton

MSRP: $35/box of 20



Apex Tac­ti­cal Spe­cial­ties ex­pands its ac­tion en­hance­ment prod­ucts into the rim­fire cat­e­gory with its new MkIV kits. It of­fers two kits, one for the Mark IV and one for the Mark Iv 22/45. Both kits in­clude an op­ti­mized trig­ger shoe, ham­mer, mag­a­zine dis­con­nec­tor, and safety plate. Tak­ing 30 min­utes to watch a few how-to videos and rip­ping into your Ruger makes for a splen­did evening that pays off with a re­duced trig­ger pull weight; 4.5 or 3.5 pounds on the Mark IV and 22/45, re­spec­tively. You also get less trig­ger travel, less over­travel, a cleaner break and, as Apex pointed out to us, it does all this with­out re­plac­ing or mess­ing with the fac­tory bal­anced sear … some­thing it says Ruger told them would im­pact the pis­tol’s drop safety per­for­mance.


Apex Tac­ti­cal Spe­cial­ties


Ruger MkIV Ac­tion En­hance­ment Kit

MSRP: $90

URL: www.apex­tac­ti­


We’re dig­ging deep into Mar­lin’s Model 1895 in this is­sue and if af­ter­mar­ket sup­port is an in­di­ca­tor of the big-bore 4570’s pop­u­lar­ity, then we’re not alone in our fas­ci­na­tion with the Tyran­nosauriffic ri­fle. Ranger Point Pre­ci­sion rec­og­nized a few ar­eas it could im­prove on the 1895. Chief among them is what we call the lit­tle big loop lever ($140) that’s a smaller ver­sion of the glove-friendly fac­tory SBL lever. RPP’s ver­sion re­duces the dis­tance the hand trav­els to hit the back of the lever, get­ting the gun back into ac­tion faster. It doesn’t come with the 550 cord; we added that. We plugged RPP’s load­ing gate spring ($42) into the ri­fle and our thumb thanked us for the re­duc­tion in ef­fort needed fill the mag. Swap­ping out the plas­tic mag fol­lower with RPP’s fluted alu­minum fol­lower ($26) im­proves re­li­a­bil­ity with self-clean­ing ac­tion by scrap­ing the in­te­rior walls of the mag­a­zine as it trav­els.


Ranger Point Pre­ci­sion


Mar­lin 1895 Up­grade Parts


$26 to $140

URL: www.ranger­


We rarely go into the field with­out a bi­pod on the gun or in the pack th­ese days. There are a lot of good ones to choose from, but a com­mon thread among the best is their use of in­ter­change­able At­las style bi­pod feet. Hawk Hill Cus­tom brings Accu-Tac own­ers into the fold with its ma­chined alu­minum adapters that screw se­curely to the bot­tom of SR-5 and LR-10 bipods, im­bu­ing them the power to run balls, sleds, pads, waf­fle cut, and wicked spikes such as Hawk Hill’s own Talon feet.


Hawk Hill Cus­tom


Accu-Tac to At­las Bi­pod Feet Adapters



URL: www.hawkhill­cus­


Mag­pul’s con­tin­ued march to­ward mak­ing ev­ery­thing for ev­ery­thing con­tin­ues with the re­lease of the Mag­pul Bi­pod. It’s de­signed to com­bine per­for­mance and value in a way that shames guys run­ning $400 bipods while en­tic­ing guys run­ning $50 bipods. The heart of the bi­pod is steel and alu­minum while poly­mer is used in ar­eas to save weight. The re­sult is an 11-ounce sup­port of­fer­ing 6.3 inches to 10.3 inches of rise with 50 de­grees of tilt and 40 de­grees of in­de­pen­dently lock­ing pan move­ment. It also ac­cepts At­las style feet. The re­sult is a ca­pa­ble, light­weight and in­ex­pen­sive bi­pod that’ll punches above its price.

MAKE: Mag­pul


Bi­pod for M-LOK


M-LOK, Pi­catinny Rail, ARMS 17S Style

MSRP: $110

URL: www.mag­


Grey Ghost’s min­i­mal­ist plate car­rier car­ries stan­dard 10x12inch ESAPI plates se­curely with­out a lot of frills. There’s enough PALS web­bing to carry mag and ra­dio pouches, first-aid kits, and a Vel­cro ID pocket with a loop field for patches. Grey Ghost also makes it’s own premium-fea­tured, 4.8-pound Level III+ stand­alone ar­mor plates. They are mul­ti­shot rated and can stand up to light ar­mor pierc­ing pro­jec­tiles. As an ex­clu­sive of­fer to RE­COIL read­ers, it’s of­fer­ing a pack­age deal. Take 10 per­cent off a pair of the comfy, light­weight padded plates and the Min­i­mal­ist plate car­rier off when you or­der from Grey Ghost Gear us­ing the code “DONKEYPUNCH” at check­out.


Grey Ghost Gear


Min­i­mal­ist Plate Car­rier and GGAP-31 Level III+ Ar­mor Plates Kit

MSRP: $888

URL: www.greyghost­


Say what you want about the idea be­hind themed AR builds, but the level of de­tail in Rare Breed Firearm’s new re­ceiver sets is down­right as­ton­ish­ing. The com­pany fig­ured out how to turn a CNC ma­chine into a sculp­tor’s rif­fler, im­bu­ing the Spar­tan hel­met with de­tail, depth, and drama we’ve never seen on an AR.

The lower’s premium fea­ture set is what we’d ex­pect from a part this pricey; 7075 bil­let con­struc­tion, ambi-con­trols, and, on the one pic­tured, cus­tom Cer­akote that brings out the hel­met. The cus­tom safety mark­ings and edg­ing around the lower add to the 300/Percy Jack­son feel. Avail­able through Spike’s Tac­ti­cal, the Spar­tan is avail­able as a stripped lower, a re­ceiver set and as com­plete pis­tols and ri­fles. Take your molon labe game to the next level with a Spar­tan build. It may end up a safe queen … but it’s an ex­cel­lent con­ver­sa­tion starter (or en­der) that’s bound to be­come a col­lec­tor’s item, right out of the (Hot) gate.


Rare Breed Firearms


Spar­tan Bronze Hel­met Lower Re­ceiver

MSRP: $400

URL: www.rarebreed­


While the new Pint-Sized Game Changer shoot­ing bag looks like a smaller ver­sion of the Rea­sor Pre­ci­sion-de­signed, Armageddon Gear pro­duced Op­ti­mized Game Changer shoot­ing bag, it isn’t. It’s filled with much smaller, sil­ica-based beads mimic­ing the look and feel of sand that com­bine with the waxed can­vas ex­te­rior to make the Pint-Sized a dense, yet pli­able shoot­ing sup­port. The bag works as both a front bag or a rear bag and ex­cels at turn­ing bar­ri­cade shoot­ing po­si­tions into sta­ble sup­ports. The move from ny­lon to waxed can­vas should mean the bags will break in with use and be­come even more sup­ple and grippy. We’ll have a full run­down on how to use the Game Changer bags on

MAKE: Armageddon Gear


Pint-Sized Game Changer


Waxed can­vas with a bi­son leather strap


5 pounds (heavy fill), 3 pounds (light fill)


7 by 4.5 by 5 inches

MSRP: $85


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