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Reach out and touch what­ever you damn well please. There’s a rea­son some peo­ple jok­ingly re­fer to this round as “6.5 Cheat­more.”

Hor­nady’s 6.5 Creed­moor ELD match www.hor­nady.com is man­u­fac­tured with the ut­most in

anal-re­ten­tive­ness, to en­sure max­i­mum uni­for­mity and pre­ci­sion. Cases are spe­cially se­lected to main­tain con­sis­tency, and qual­ity con­trol is held to the high­est stan­dards. The ELD match bul­let also has a new tip de­sign to op­ti­mize per­for­mance.

We’ve got­ten great re­sults with this load, print­ing small groups with pre­ci­sion rigs that we’ve tested. Eval­u­a­tors gave the ammo rave re­views, with one even sug­gest­ing Hor­nady could in­crease their prices be­cause of how good it is.

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