Recoil - - Fitness Fallacies -

Artist: Wade Rogers Black­list Ink

Joplin, MO

Shad Burns: This tat­too rep­re­sents my pas­sions as a red-blooded Amer­i­can. The ammo is my love of firearms, hand load­ing, and shoot­ing. The Spar­tan hel­met rep­re­sents “Molon Labe” or “come and take them!” (I dare you to try.) The pun­isher skull rep­re­sents fight­ing for and mak­ing things right for those who can­not. I’m not law en­force­ment or mil­i­tary, but the flag is to honor those who’ve made the ul­ti­mate sac­ri­fice for all of our God-given rights as Amer­i­cans. Im­ages 1-3.

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